Arc for Developers

All analytics features plus innovative features that IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) developers always wanted.

Accelerates your TM1 development process

Built by TM1 developers for TM1 developers.

Process Editor

Arc brings state of the art development interface to TM1 developers including Code completion, Snippets, Syntactical formatting and more…

Rules Editor

A modern rules editor including formula picker, syntax highlighting, snippets, and dynamic auto-complete.

Dynamic auto-complete

Hit CTRL + SPACE in the TI or Rules Editor to access list of functions related to your context. For example, ATTRS will return all string attributes for all dimensions in the cube.

Debug a Process

Debugging your TM1 process has never been so easy with Arc. Step through your Turbo Integrator code line by line as it executes on the TM1 server.

Hierarchy Editor

Arc is built with Hierarchies in mind. Build the next generation of TM1 / Planning Analytics applications taking full advantage of the power of Hierarchies.

Reordering dimensions

Reorder dimensions to optimize memory.

Compare previous orders to pick the best.

A reset button to bring back the original order.

Administration tools

Arc helps you to monitor and configure your IBM Planning Analytics and TM1 instances with a set of administration tools.


See and update all TM1 server parameters.

For each parameter, Arc displays the parameter description and a blue Advice icon to provide even more detailed usage and configuration advice.


Easily update all TM1 loggers’ logging level.

Security Editor

The Arc Security tool makes it easy to:

  • Search for a specific user or group
  • Create new user or group
  • Clone a security group to create a new group with the same security

Server Logs

A more efficient way to go through the TM1 Server Logs:

  • Filter the list of messages by type
  • Get all error logs by processes


A quick overview of your main instance settings.

Release History

Keep track of new releases of TM1Web, IBM Planning Analytics Server (PA Server), PAfE & PAW:

  • View the full history of releases.
  • Filter by products.
  • Export to Excel.
  • Quickly find the release notes.

View Style Editor

Apply formatting to Cube Viewer, Snapshot, Slice & Active Form reports. Create & Edit your own styles with the View Style Editor.

Being more productive with Arc tools

Arc comes with a set of innovative tools to boost your productivity.

Arc Assistant

The Process Editor now includes an assistant! You can highlight any section of code and ask the Arc Assistant to explain it for you.


Arc gives you a “command prompt” for TM1 Server.

Executing any TurboIntegrator functions without creating a process is now possible.


Test your MDX queries and view the results in the MDX Studio. It includes MDX snippets and code formater.


Arc comes with a REST API tool help you understand the TM1 REST API.

Time Management

A Time management tool to create date dimensions (Day, Week, Month & Year) with just few clicks.

Support for attributes and localisation

Facilitates the localization of your TM1 application, all the different steps such as updating }LocalizedDimensionAttribute and }LocalizedCubeAttribute values are gathered into one module.

Files Manager

A new module called Files to manage all blobs files from the TM1 data directory has been added. This can be used to upload a csv file to the TM1 data directory and then can be used as the data source of a TM1 process.

Build your own plugins

Add to Arc new functionalities.

Start with one of the many samples available to download for free on GitHub.

Execute Python Scripts

Arc can execute Python scripts and retrieve the results.

Arc handles the credentials to the TM1 instances.

Display the output from your script in an Arc plugin.

Arc for Analytics

Arc and Pulse integration