We focus on harnessing all of Cubewise’s know-how and distilling it into open-source and commercial software solutions for IBM Planning Analytics / TM1.

Effortlessly integrate IBM PA with Microsoft Power BI.

PowerConnect provides unprecedented connectivity and access to IBM Planning Analytics content within Microsoft Power BI Desktop and Microsoft Power BI Service.

Monitor, Understand and Migrate

Empower knowledgeable and proactive administrators to have complete confidence in their IBM Planning Analytics applications.

The DevOps solution for everyone

Enhance your development quality and boost efficiency by integrating DevOps best practices within your IBM Planning Analytics team.

Build faster and smarter

Make your developers’ lives more enjoyable while remaining efficient and in line with best practices.

A fast and easy to install Excel add-in

Make it easier for companies to build and deploy application-specific Excel user interfaces for IBM Planning Analytics.

Open-source and community-driven projects

Opening the Python ecosystem to TM1

TM1py makes it easy for TM1 power users and developers to go beyond the limits of TM1 with Python.

Code and resource libraries

Best Practice assets built from years of experience consisting of Training, White Papers and Toolkits.

Free and open source tools

Open source software is a big part of what we do. All our open-source projects can be found on GitHub.

Stories from customers like you

“Pulse has helped us to significantly reduce user locks and allowed us to be notified via email if any user is locked in TM1 for more than 5 min.”

“I have been a TM1 developer for 18 years now. I’ve always loved TI and have managed to get around the timely nuances it brought. […]”

“TM1py is definitely a game changer! It has so much potential and a lot to offer. It wraps the TM1 REST API elegantly and written in Python […]”

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