TM1 Perspectives + hierarchies + new features

Support for hierarchies in Slices and Active Forms.

A passion project of IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) enthusiasts who are doing TM1 every day.

What is Slice?

Slice is fast, easy to install, connected directly to the TM1 REST API, works over the internet, has built-in support for hierarchies, supports existing reports built-in Perspectives and formula mode in PA for Excel.

It is an Excel add-in to retrieve and update values from a TM1 database using cell based functions, it includes:

  • Familiar look and feel
  • Support all TM1 Excel functions (DBRW, DBS…)
  • Snapshot, Slice and Active Forms
  • Create slices and active forms with hierarchies
  • Cube Viewer & Subset Editor
  • Buttons, Drillthrough, Annotations & Sandboxes
  • Create Active Forms with dynamic columns
  • Paste range of values to DBR formulas
  • Trigger the DBS functions only when required
  • Remove TM1 functions from the sheet
  • Troubleshoot faster errors in your report with the cell audit feature.

Will Slice work with my existing reports?

Yes, Slice has been built to be backwards compatible with Perspectives and PAfE functions. PA for Excel action buttons are supported but not those from Perspectives. If there is anything that does not work, create an issue and we will do our best fix it.

Cube Viewer and Subset Editor

The cube viewer and subset editor functionality is provided by Arc for TM1. Arc is provided free of charge although the developer features (editing of dimensions, rules, processes and chores) require a license to be purchased.

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