Extend IBM Planning Analytics with TM1py

Connect cloud systems.

Build AI infused planning solutions.

Automate periodic tedious tasks.

TM1py enables you to do what we call “TM1 with Python”.

TM1py bridges IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) and Python:

  • Create tight and seamless integrations between TM1 and other systems.
  • Infuse AI and forecasting algorithms into your planning cycle to reduce time and costs.
  • Extend the capabilities of TM1 in infinite directions with the ever-growing list of free Python libraries.

Data Integration

Python’s biggest strength lies in its ever-growing ecosystem.

In the same way that TM1py simplifies Python development for TM1, there are available packages to integrate applications like Salesforce, NetSuite, Google Sheets, SAP and many more.

TM1py serves TM1 like a Swiss army knife for data integration.

TM1 developers benefit from TM1py, in particular when source data resides in cloud systems, where it can’t be reached easily with plain TM1.

AI and Predictive

TM1py introduces a whole new world of free tools to boost your IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) applications.

Python offers some of the best libraries and frameworks to work with data and AI. TM1py bridges the gap between TM1, FP&A and AI.

It enables us to create AI-supported planning solutions: time-series forecasting, optimization models, outlier detection for planning and other useful smarts to help you plan.

Control TM1 programmatically

TM1py provides easy and complete programmatic control over all objects and information in TM1.

Combined with a powerful general-purpose programming language like Python, this creates opportunities to automate and boost efficiencies. TM1 developers use TM1py to:

  • Synchronize hierarchies and data between multiple TM1 instances.
  • Automate manual and error prone TM1 tasks.
  • Execute sanity and integrity checks on data, metadata or even the security model.
  • Programmatically update objects that Turbo Integrator cannot “reach”, such as chores, private objects and excel applications.
  • Automate TM1 data exports to other systems in any format (CSV, XLSX, XML, JSON…).

How to get started with TM1py

TM1py is a free python package, you can just download it and follow the getting started guide below or reach out to us if you need some training or help writing your Python scripts.

Powered by TM1py

TM1py is a free Python package that is powering many open source projects.

70+ ready-to-use samples, just download the folder from GitHub and try them out.

Using the TM1py Samples is the best way to get started with TM1py

Run processes in parallel using only one connection.

Execute complex finance calculations which are not available natively in IBM Planning Analytics.

Create MDX queries programmatically without hacking raw MDX queries.

Determines the ideal dimension order for every cube, based on RAM and query speed.


All of the code, documents and information in TM1py are to be deemed without warranty.


The source code is hosted at github.com/cubewise-code/tm1py. If you find a bug or feel like you can contribute please fork the repository, update the code and then create a pull request so we can merge in the changes.

What’s New: TM1Py

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