Connect Arc to Pulse to unlock many new features. We call this Pulse-powered mode “Arc+”.

No extra cost for customers owning Arc and Pulse

Test Centre

Enhance your development quality by adding Automated Unit Testing and Test Driven Development for TM1 Models with ease.

It allows users to set up individual Unit Tests as part of the development phase, and group them together in a collection to be run in sequence.

Advanced Monitoring

Monitor your TM1 server instances from within Arc via the upgraded Sessions Page.

Pulse Alerts

Get notification with Pulse alerts. On top of receiving an email alerts, Arc users will see a pop-up each time an alert is triggered by Pulse.

Change Tracking

  • Record the history of all model changes
  • Changes recorded by user and time
  • View any prior version
  • View differences to previous versions

Model Search

Access the Pulse Model Search from within Arc with ease.

Object Usage Tracking

Arc now supports the ability to track TM1 object usage (processes, rules, subsets, cube views & even data changes) by sending activity data to Pulse. You can visualize this data in Pulse Explorer with the new “User Objects Usage” dashboard.

Best Practice Validation

This will give you pre-emptive visibility of potential issues. The predefined rules validate naming conventions of objects as well as common pitfalls in cube rules and Turbo Integrator processes.

Compare dimensions

Easily find differences between two dimensions or hierarchies. You will be able to quickly find out which elements are missing or have different parents between two dimensions or hierarchies. It works even across different instances.

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