Stories from TM1 developers like you

“I have been a TM1 developer for 18 years now. I’ve always loved TI and have managed to get around the timely nuances it brought. But with Arc, TI has been incredibly enhanced and improved. Being able to see multiple server stats, cube views, client security, rules, chores and of course TI processes all in one tool, just saves me so so much time.The formatting of code makes it easier to read, the improved find and replace, the detail to burst out data source and params, debugging and of course my fav the snippets. As well as an incredible, full list of usable functions, you can create your own and this is where we have been able to standardize our code set across the team.In short Arc is an incredible tool that takes TM1 administration and development to a new level and saves critical time for admins.”

Daniel Peeroo
TM1 Developer Finance Development Team

News UK

“Arc is quite simply a game changer for TM1 development which I cannot recommend highly enough. The efficiency it brings to the development cycle is undeniable, especially with the integration to our TM1 Cloud instances.As a developer, I cannot over-state just how quickly key features that have been missing for decades such as the VBA style debugging, autofills and rule section folding become essential. As system owner, I am fully aware of how much of an accelerant Arc is for our developers.Do yourself a favour, get a trial copy and don’t look back!” 

Garry Cook
Financial Data Analytics Director

Informa, UK

“I am an independent TM1 Developer, and I started using Arc from Cubewise during one of my contracts with a Consultancy. I needed to access multiple environments for 5-10 different clients regularly and each client had multiple servers, instances etc. This is when I started to see some of the many benefits included in Arc, not only was I able to access multiple environments easily also, I was able to reproduce my coding across TI’s and Rules between all these environments in a very consistent and efficient manner. Some of the main benefits for me was the look and feel of the TI editor, the autocomplete, the MDX’s and Rules Editor as well as the various plugins available. There were occasions where we experience downtime on the cloud services due to IBM’s issues with the Authentication and Arc was still able to access the environments enabling me to continue to work despite the issues with the PA Cloud Authentication.”

Eddie Medina
Senior TM1/PA Developer

EML Business Limited, UK

“Cubewise Arc is a real game changer as with it, you really get a true professional IDE for TM1.Our internal TM1 developer community had definitively adopted it and if, by bad luck, the Arc server is down, I’m informed in a lightstruck.IBM is trying to catch up with Planning Analytics Workspace modeling but there’s still a long way to cover.”

Robert Milli
Business Analytics Software Engineering Expert


“I am paying for Arc out of my own pocket. Why? Because it’s worth that much to me in productivity savings. I’ve barely scratched the surface of its functionality, and spend most of the time (so far) in the TI Editor. The ability to use templates and saved code blocks, autocomplete (especially with functions like CellGetN which will fill in all of the dimension names), breakpoints, debugging… all the things that developers have been pining for years are here. But it goes far beyond the basics; the Tools node, for example, has some wonderful utilities as well. I can’t do justice to the tool in this amount of space, but I’d encourage any TM1 developer to get a trial copy and see for themselves.”

Alan Kirk
TM1 Channel & TM1 Forum Legend


“At Synlab, we have come to Arc from Cubewise after an extensive length of time using Notepad++ and the special TM1 language definition that would add colour coding in it. But of course, having to copy/paste all four tabs (Prolog, Metadata, Data and Epilog) back and forth to benefit the “Search and Replace” function in Notepad++ was a bit tedious. We are more now than delighted by the special attentions paid to details in Arc: components (cube rules and process) filtering, colour coding, search and replace, indentation, auto-complete, code snippets… All this is perfectly fit by a development team well understanding the needs of seasoned TM1 users.A second big plus that we have enjoyed was the possibility to examine the variables at a break. What a huge comfort over the generation of text files of variables logging !And last but not least, we can now break a Turbo Integrator infinite loop without stopping the server, have an understanding of the various activities in the sessions, and look at the numerous configuration settings from a centralized cockpit.Arc is really a must for the developers, and comes at a cheap price for so much added productivity.Bravo Cubewise ! “

Guillaume Emerat
Group Financial and System Analyst

Synlab, Germany

“Arc has made my development life so much easier. It has a great interface and features you’d expect like code completion. I love how quickly and easily I can search and find objects and code in my models.”

Oliver Wong
Finance Systems Manager/TM1 Developer

Magellan Asset Management Limited, Australia

“At Deutsche Bahn one of the biggest advantages of Arc is the possibility to easily switch between TM1 instances and migrate processes as we maintain over 70 TM1 instances on multiple servers. The other great advantage is Arc expansions which allow you to extent its capabilities yourself. Besides that it greatly improves every aspect of TM1 development and administration:1) Maintaining code is easier (search & replace, favorites )2) Writing code is easier (I.e. snippets, autocomplete)3) Scheduling is easier (I.e checking chore configuration while the chore is active)4) Cleaning up instances is easier (I.e. you can delete control objects with the click of a button)5) Maintaining instances is easier (I.e. searchable Server logs)On a daily basis I admire the little things that make life easier like syntax highlighting or tabs or a copy/paste that is actually working.”

Christoph Hein
Senior TM1 Consultant

Deutsche Bahn, Germany