Boost your TM1 developments without compromising on quality.

Faster to build and easier to manage IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) applications.

Build TM1 applications faster

One platform for all developments.

Smart search to quickly access your objects.

Keep your history and favourites.

Create Time dimensions for you.

#DoGoodTM1 with best practices

Avoid making mistakes.

Don’t reinvent the wheel in a bad way.

Access to hundreds of approved code.

Easily share your code with other developers.

Easier to manage TM1 users and instances

All security operations in one screen.

Update TM1 settings on the fly.

Facilitate access to the TM1 server logs.

Keep an eye on what is happening.

Organize views and subsets.

Troubleshoot faster with debugging

Step through your code line by line.

See the current value of each variable.

Pause at any line and add conditions.

Overview of all your breakpoints.

Helps understanding TM1 locking.

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“Arc is quite simply a game changer for TM1 development which I cannot recommend highly enough. […]

“I am an independent TM1 Developer, and I started using Arc from Cubewise during one of my contracts with a Consultancy.[…]

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