Build TM1 applications with gold standard

Don’t compromise speed for quality. Build higher quality applications by reusing and sharing battle tested code.

Access to hundreds of approved code

Just click CTRL+SPACE to access hundreds of battle tested code…

Avoid making mistakes

In the autocomplete drop-down, you will find all variables defined in your process. Once the code has been inserted, remember to press TAB to move to the next placeholder.

Don’t always reinvent the wheel

Instead of starting from scratch each time you need a new process, Arc’s Process Editor includes a Save Template button to quickly create templates.

Define your gold standard

Create your own snippets.

Easily share your code with other developers.

Follow naming conventions

Arc includes summary views that organize your model’s dimensions, cubes, processes and chores.

Highlight variables and Click-through

In the Process Editor, hold down CTRL and hover over a variable to see its value.

Hold down CTRL and click on a function name to drill to the target object. For example, an ExecuteProcess will open the process or ATTRS will open the Hierarchy editor.