Mar 2, 2018

Debugging Turbo Integrator processes with Arc

Have you ever spent hours trying to understand why your TM1/Planning Analytics process is not working and ended up exporting all your variables into a flat file?

What is debugging?

Debugging code allows you to step through line-by-line and see what the values of the variables are as you go. No need to export your variables into a flat file, now you can step into your code and see in real time the value of your variables.

How does it work?

The first thing you have to do is set up a breakpoint. A breakpoint allows you to stop the execution of code at a particular point. Once the process stops, you can then see the current variable value and or step in and analyze the execution of your code.

Why debugging with Arc?

Arc is an integrated development environment (IDE) for TM1 and Planning Analytics. With Arc you can now build, develop, manage and debug your TM1 processes within a simple and easy to use interface.

See it in action:

For more information about debugging a TM1 process with Arc, you should check the following Help article which digs deeper into this feature:

Download Arc Now

A beta version of Arc is currently availble for download here. It comes with a 6 month trial license so you have no excuses to not try it!


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