Aug 4, 2020

Deep Dive into the Arc TM1 Security Editor

In addition to enhanced TM1 features such as the Process Editor, Cube Viewer and Subset Editor. Arc for TM1 includes many innovative tools that will boost TM1 developers’ productivity. One of them is the TM1 Security Editor.

The Security Editor makes it easier and quicker to manage IBM TM1 and Planning Analytics users and groups security access. It gathers all TM1 security operations and more, into one location:

Clients’ Properties

To update clients’ properties such as the Read Only flag, just click the Edit User button and go to the Client Properties tab:

Clients’ Settings

Clients’ Settings such as Web Homepage are also available in the Edit User pop-up:

Clone User

Arc makes it very easy to assign a user’s groups to a new user. You can choose to add groups one by one or select the user you want to copy the groups from:

Clone Group

When creating a new security group, you can start from scratch or copy all security’s access (Applications, Dimensions, Cubes, Processes and Chores) from an existing group:

Edit Password

To edit users’ password, just click the Edit User button and go to the Password tab:

Show all users in group

Arc includes a button to show all users in a specific group and then remove a user with just one click:

Impersonate User

To view how security is applied to users, Arc enables you to impersonate them. Click the Impersonate button and login with your credentials, you will then be logged in as this user. All changes will then be applied to the person you impersonate:

Audit User

The Audit User button will open a new tab with all security access for a specific user, to quickly see all applications, dimensions, cubes, processes and chores your user has access to. Dimensions with element security and cubes with cell security will be highlighted:

Audit Security

The Audit tab enables you to quickly see the number of Admins, Security Admins and Data Admins in your application, all users not assigned to any groups and all groups with no users assigned:

Try it!

To try the Arc TM1 Security Editor, just download the latest Arc version and start the three-month trial (no credentials required):


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