Management, Monitoring and Migration for IBM TM1 and Planning Analytics.

Continuously Improve TM1

Improve performance and up-time

24/7 Monitoring tool.
Analyse server and TM1 performance.
Pro-active alerts.
Analyse server up-time.
Keep a full historic of what happened.
Cancel threads or disconnect users.

Make your TM1 community more productive

TM1 users analysis.
Give user's transparency.
Dynamic documentation.
Identify users who require training.
Excel and TM1 Web tracking.
Improve user testing practices.

Speed-up TM1 development

Keep an overview of your model.
Keep tracks of all your changes.
Full history of all your developments.
Speed-up your migration process.
Rollback button.
Validation rules guarantee that best-practices.

Improve change management process

Migrate changes to production live.
Change Tracking will always let you know who changed what and when.
Compare any changes before a migration.
Improve your testing procedures.
Separation of duties between TM1 team and IT department.