Understand your users and master your applications

Pulse constantly tracks all your IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) instances. All this information stored second by second and can then be easily retrieved to help you understand what happened.

Understand all possible impacts

With the Pulse on-demand documentation, understanding where the data is coming from, knowing all impacts of a new rule or change in a process can be easily achieved.

Interactive model navigation

View and interact with documentation of your model by clicking on each object and its relationships.

All of the important properties and statistics are right there at your fingertips.

License Optimisation Report

Optimize your investment in TM1 using the built-in License Optimisation reports in Pulse.

Ensure compliance with your current licenses or determine who isn’t using the system so that they can be reallocated to other people.

Technical documentation

Save time writing documentation, Pulse can do it for you.

Produce technical documentation at the click of a button.

Relationships are added as well as information about views and subsets to give you a full picture of what the model contains.

System summary report

A one-page document to help you monitor the health of your TM1 systems.

Analyzing the Number of Sessions vs Number of Alerts, the maximum wait time and all Pulse alerts.

Powerful analytics

Pulse includes interactive visualizations powered by Kibana. Many dashboards are provided to help you get started with Kibana.

Troubleshoot errors faster

Quickly see errors across all TM1 instances on the same dashboard.

Look back at some earlier states to find a problem.

Ask TM1 questions of all kind

Pulse comes with many pre-built dashboards to help you find answers to:

  • What processes were running last night?
  • Who is using IBM Planning Analytics Workspace?
  • Who was using the application last week?

Build your own dashboards

The Pulse Explorer gives shape to your data.

The Pulse Explorer makes it easy to build visualizations by simple drag-n-drop.