Monitor all your servers on one screen

Pulse gives you the confidence to handle the complexity that comes with expanded use of your applications.

Monitor what’s happening

Pulse allows you to monitor your system live in both the web interface and the rich Windows client.

All of the important metrics second by second are in one convenient place: CPU, memory, logged in users, message logs, etc.

Pause and rewind what happened

Pause and rewind history by clicking on the interactive performance charts.

You can also filter both session users and message logs to display only the items you are interested in.

Rectify potential problems before they occur

Pro-active Alerts can be configured based on multiple scenarios and triggers. Allowing you to rectify problems BEFORE they become an issue. Alert types include memory use, free disk space, wait time, TM1 crashes, error logs, message logs, run time, etc.

Real-time notification of model changes

Know who changed what and when, Pulse sends a notification each time a change happens.

Empower Users

Empower your users to verify the success of overnight chores and processes with System Verification. Pulse allows users to view the “last status” of chores and processes at any time and view any errors that may have occurred.

Reduce Support Calls

Typically we see that by giving the appropriate tools to your TM1 users to better understand the TM1 application, you will reduce the number of support calls and increase user adoption.

Brings you context and facts

Pulse constantly track all your TM1 servers and store all this information into a database that can easily be retrieved, enabling you to know exactly what happened at any point of time.

Know what your users are doing

Pulse keeps track of all user sessions, what they are doing in Excel and TM1 Web. By analyzing this information, you can quickly identify TM1 champions and users who require training.

All-in-one application

One Pulse application server can monitor many TM1 servers. Making it easier to access the data from all your TM1 servers and making it quicker to migrate TM1 objects between environments.

Optimized for the cloud

Pulse has been built to monitor TM1 instances on-premise, on the IBM Cloud, or any other clouds.