Migrate faster with confidence

The Pulse migration features bring you the confidence to migrate IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) objects quickly by understanding all impacts on the TM1 objects, quickly rollback changes and much more…

Understand all possible impacts

Pulse automatically documents all your TM1 objects. Pulse’s smart documentation brings you the confidence to apply new changes.

It makes it easy to compare two instances.

Find changes by developers

TM1 objects can be gathered by developers. Pulse will pick up all developments that have been made by the developer(s) between two dates.

Automated dependency detection

When creating a migration package, Pulse automatically finds all dependencies for you. For example, just pick a cube and Pulse will get its rules, its dimensions, attributes, and its picklist cube that need to be migrated.

Assess impact of model changes

Before executing the migration, you can view and choose which changes that will be applied to the target instance.

Avoid the “just one line of code” fallacy

Maximizes applications up-time

Pulse will migrate all TM1 objects live. No need to stop the TM1 instance as Pulse will apply changes or create new objects on the fly.

Rollback changes quickly

If a change was migrated by mistake, use the rollback feature to retrieve a previous version of that TM1 Process or that Rule file.

Optimize processes and workflows

Pulse has fully configurable built-in security. For example, Developers could only create packages while Administrators will be in charge of executing the migration.

Improving development quality

Pulse comes with a number of built-in rules that help identify common pitfalls which may slow the system or make support difficult.

Naming conventions are also validated allowing you to build consistent and easy-to-maintain systems.

Please your auditors

Pulse keeps the history of all migrations that happened, allowing you to quickly audit or rollback changes.

Make TM1 applications faster and lighter

Migrating a large cube, large dimension or even a change in a rule can have a significant impact on the server. Pulse includes many reports to help you understand the cause of such memory spikes.