May 4, 2023


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“Pulse gives us as developers the option to migrate packages live without the need to bring down services.”

Business Challenge

The TM1 model here at SCC is core to the business and downtime needs to be kept to an absolute minimum especially during working hours, we also have a number of data sources that our TM1 model connects to and therefore any stoping and restart of the services could have an effect on this connectivity. When trying to migrate a package that has been manually created by a developer downtime needs to be scheduled and the risk that an object could be missed is high requiring the service to be stopped and restarted again.


Pulse gives us as developers the option to migrate packages live without the need to bring down services, what pulse also offers is the ability to scan your model and attach to the package any dependencies that are linked to the model, for instance if you select a cube to be migrated Pulse will automatically add the dimensions and rules that build this cube to your package, this ultimately removes the risk of missing objects. If an object already exists in the environment you are migrating to then the Pulse migration packages will only migrate the changes/differences ensuring that anything that already exists is not effected in any way.


Pulse Migration give the users a fully functioning environment with no scheduled downtime therefore allowing the system to be available 24/7. Pulse Migration also take the time-consuming job of creating a migration package away from the developers and the waiting time needed before being able to fully hand over a model to the user

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