May 4, 2023


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“Pulse has helped us to significantly reduce user locks”

Business Challenge

At Pattonair our TM1 model is core to the business processes and is accessed throughout the globe and needs to be available near to 24/7. Our TM1 models connect to 100’s of data sources which requires loading to TM1 daily and in some cases multiple times a day on demand. This means multiple processes are required to run across multiple TM1 servers. We were also having many challenges with user locks and had no way of monitoring the users.


Pulse has helped us to significantly reduce user locks and allowed us to be notified via email if any user is locked in TM1 for more than 5 min. These notifications have allowed us to target performance enhancements to our models and provided the business with a better all-round robust solution. Pulse has given us the ability us to monitor and improve our Perspectives reports, and in some cases, move them into a more central and standardised controlled reporting solution Cognos BI. This was achieved by using Cubewise Extend installed on our RDS farm combined with the central Pulse application.


By using Pulse we have identified which of our users are the most frequent and which ones are still working offline. This has allowed us to plan towards increased training in certain areas and increased knowledge sharing across the finance function. When we are deploying innovative solutions, we are using Pulse to monitor the success by tracking how frequent the new applications are being used and flagging this information to the project owner.

We can be confident that should any internal or external party require technical documentation, we can rely on Pulse to provide this in a standard pack for each of our models at any given time. With multiple developments going on at any one time we are now able to monitor and track changes in production and development environments and be sure we are following best practices and a standard and consistent approach to our builds and delivery. In addition, should any mistake be made pulse allows us to back out a change without restoring or taking our servers offline in a controlled way.

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