Mar 4, 2023

Cube Viewer and Subset Editor Hidden Gems

Arc continues to establish itself as a well know state of the art development interface for IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) developers. Arc offers a centralized platform to develop, manage and/or analyze your TM1 data on-premise or cloud, all from one single location.

The key features to analyze your data set for all TM1 developers are the cube viewer and the subset editor. These two components which are shared between Arc and Slice have been significantly improved in version 4.

In this blog, we show you simple actions and shortcuts that will save you a lot of time in your TM1-related day-to-day activities.

Access many shortcuts with the right-click options (context menu):

In a cube viewer or a subset editor, if you right-click on a hierarchy, elements, or cells, the context menu will open and will provide you with many shortcuts such as swapping from rows, column and titles, keep elements, display children, leaves etc:

Display attributes in a cube view.

The Cube Viewer in Arc and Slice gives you two options to see attribute values. You can either display the attribute by replacing the element names or inserting new columns:

Create custom calculations on the fly

By clicking on customer rollup, you have the freedom to enter the calculation you want and then you can choose to either insert this new calculation or replace the entire set:

Filter by attribute with one click!

Filtering the elements by an attribute value is a very common task. With Arc and Slice, you just need to right-click on a cell and select Filter by Attribute, the Subset Editor will then automatically update the MDX:

The Cube Viewer comes with styles!

From a cube view, you can select the style you want to use and access the View Style Editor to create your own styles. Once your style is created, you can set it as the default to see it each time you open a view.

Try it now!

The Cube Viewer and Subset Editor are two features available for free to use in Arc and Slice.

There’s never been a better time to try the Cube Viewer and Subset Editor in Arc, so why don’t you try them today!


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