Sep 1, 2020

Analyzing your TM1 application with Arc

Arc for TM1 has been built by TM1 developers for TM1 developers. Starting with v2.1, Arc analytics features are now free to use such as the cube viewer, subset editor and execute a process or chore.

All developer’s features such as process, rule and security editors will require a subscription that can be bought here. This articles details what is included in Arc Analytics.

Cube viewer

Arc Cube Viewer includes: Support for hierarchies, MDX and native views, public and private views, snapshot, slice and active forms, search bar and more…

Subset Editor

Arc Subset Editor includes all features that you can find in Architect. It also includes a Search box to quickly find elements and a new way to visualize and edit the MDX query.

Execute processes and chores

Easily find your process or chore with the search bar and execute it with a simple right-click:

Sessions & Settings

2 out of 6 Arc administration modules are available:

  • Sessions: See what is happening on the TM1 instance
  • Settings: A quick overview of your main instance settings

Innovative tools

4 out of 6 Arc tools are available:

  • MDX Studio: Test your MDX queries and view the results in the MDX Studio.
  • REST API Studio: Help you understand the TM1 REST API.
  • Views and Subsets: A quick overview of all subsets and views.
  • To Do List: Help you organize your tasks.

Getting Started with Arc in one minute

Arc does not require any installation. Just follow the three steps below and you will be able to have Arc up and running in less than a minute:

  • Download Arc from here.
  • Unzip the folder
  • Double click on arc.exe

Arc will then automatically detect all TM1 instances installed on the server. To connect Arc to remote instances, you just need to update the Arc settings file (more information here).

What’s more with a developer license

Arc is becoming a must-have in the TM1 developer community. With a subscription, you will have access to a Process Editor, Rule Editor, Security Editor and much more… Check out the Arc features page to get an overview of all features you will unlock by purchasing a subscription.

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