Sep 1, 2021

Using Arc when TM1 instances are hosted on the IBM Cloud SaaS

This article explains the different ways of using Arc when IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) instances are hosted on the IBM Cloud SaaS.

Where to install Arc?

Arc is very light and can run on your laptop. The first step is to choose where to install Arc. As it is explained in the following article (where to install Arc), it is recommended to use a centralized Arc server (configuration will be quicker and it will be easier to snippets and templates between developers).

Installing Arc

Installing Arc is very quick, just follow the getting started guide below:

IBM ID or non-interactive account

Once Arc has been installed. The next step is to decide how to connect to your TM1 instances. With Arc, you can either use your IBM ID (each developer will use their own IBM ID) or the non-interactive account (each developer will use the same account). More information in the following articles:

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