May 5, 2021

Where to install Arc for TM1

Arc for TM1 is very light weight and easy to install. It can simply run on a laptop or be installed as a service on a server (TM1 server or a dedicated server). This article explains the different ways to install and use Arc.

Arc for TM1 leverages the TM1 REST API and therefore can connect to many TM1 instances as long as the TM1 REST API port is enabled.

The Arc Server includes a service called “Arc for TM1” and a few folders and files:

One Arc Server per developer

Arc Server is very light and can run on a laptop, on the TM1 server, or on its own server. To access the Arc Server, you will need to use your web browser and go to (https//serverName:7070).

There are three ways to access Arc:

  1. Connecting with a web browser to the Arc server
  2. Using Arc Desktop (Windows only)
  3. Using Slice (Windows only)

Each option has its own Arc server, you could choose to start Arc in the Arc Desktop or the one in Slice.

One centralised Arc Server for many developers

When working with a team of developers, you can either use a shared Arc Server or one Arc Server on each developers’ laptop. There are many advantages of sharing one Arc server such as:

  • Only one license file needs to be generated.
  • Only one configuration file.
  • Easier to share snippets, templates, and plugins.
  • Quicker to upgrade.
  • Making sure everyone is using the same version.
  • Quicker to start the Arc Desktop

In this example, Arc Desktop and Slice will connect to the same Arc server and therefore they will be able to share easily configuration, templates, snippets and licenses.

When using a centralized Arc server, the Slice license needs to be installed on the Arc folder where the Arc server is running:

Using Arc Desktop for Windows

A desktop application (Arc Desktop) is available for Windows. The desktop app includes one Arc server. When starting Arc Desktop, if the option Connect Remotely is not ticked an Arc Server will be started. The main advantage of the Arc Desktop is that you can use multi-windows similar to Architect.

Arc Desktop can connect to a remote Arc Server (the Arc Server inside Arc Desktop will not be started):

Arc Server vs Arc Desktop

When working with a team, we recommend using a shared Arc Server but then how you access the Arc Server is up to you. You could either use a web browser or connect remotely with the Arc Desktop:

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