Jul 2, 2021

How to install the Slice license

This article explains how to install the Slice license. In the Slice ribbon, if some features are greyed out like below, it means that your license has expired:

Most of Slice features are free to use. For enterprises, we recommend purchasing a license to get access to the support and premium features. The split of free and premium features can be found on the Slice features page.

Requesting a Slice license

To request a license for Slice click on the button below:

If you already have an account on our support platform, just sign-in or you create a new account by signing up. Once logged in, just click the New issue button:

Choose the template License Request, it will pre-fill the ticket with all the information that we need:

If you don’t know your computer name or domain, you can click on the Slice About button in the Excel ribbon:

⚠️ When multiple users are going to use Slice, you should request a license using the domain. So all users on this domain will be able to share the same license.

Installing one license for multiple users

If multiple users are using Slice, we recommend all users to connect their Slice to a centralized Arc server as explained in the following article:

If all users are using a centralized Arc server, you just need to put the Slice license inside the Arc folder.

When a user opens Slice, he needs to go to Settings then tick the option Connect Remotely and enter the Arc Url as below:

After clicking on OK, Slice will connect to the remote Arc server and grab the Slice license file.

Installing a license for one user

Once you received the license, you just need to close Excel. Then go to %AppData% and then to Roaming > ArcForTM1 and paste the Slice.xml file:

That should be it!

Start Slice and you should be able to use the business features:

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