Sep 5, 2023

Pulse Installation Guide

This article gathers everything you need to know about how to install, upgrade and downgrade Pulse for TM1.


  • The minimum IBM Planning Analytics version is v2.0.8 (TM1 v11.6).
  • Pulse 6 uses the REST API, you need to make sure the TM1 REST API ports for all TM1 instances are open and available to Pulse.

System Requirements

Before installing Pulse on a server where IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) is installed, please make sure that there is enough RAM and disk space available for Pulse:

Downloading Pulse

Pulse Architecture

If you are not familiar with the architecture of Pulse, please go through the following article:

Where to install Pulse?

TM1 instances need to be running Planning Analytics v2.0.8 (TM1 v11.6) or later.

Pulse is very flexible in terms of architecture. The following article will help you to decide where to install Pulse:

Installation Steps

Installing Pulse is quite straightforward, the steps are different if you are planning to install Pulse on a separate server or on each TM1 server.

Fine-Tuning Pulse

In the following article you will find some tips to improve the performance of Pulse:

Installing Pulse in a large TM1 environments

The following article explains some tips when running Pulse in a large TM1 environment:

Making TM1 REST API queries faster

Pulse is mainly making three REST API queries (one to get the sessions, one to get the threads, and one to get the logs). The following article shares some recommendations to make these queries even faster.

Pulse License

Once Pulse has been installed, you will need to request a Pulse license here. The steps to install the license can be found below:

Upgrading Pulse

The following article explains how to upgrade Pulse v6.x.x to a new Pulse v6.x.x release:

Downgrading Pulse

Downgrading Pulse is not recommended but if you still want to downgrade, please find the steps in the following article:

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