Mar 3, 2023

Pulse Installation Steps

This article explains the steps to install Pulse either on each TM1 server or on a separate server.

Installing Pulse on each TM1 server

Installing Pulse v6 on a TM1 server is straight forward:

  1. Installing Pulse
  2. Adding the license file
  3. Go through the setup wizard
  4. Connect TM1 instances

Then you will need to repeat these steps on each TM1 server.

Installing Pulse on a separate server

A centralized Pulse Application Server can be installed on a separate server and then on each TM1 server you will have to install the Pulse Monitor:

  1. Installing the Pulse server
  2. Adding the license file to the Pulse server
  3. Installing the Pulse Monitor on each TM1 server
  4. Go through the setup wizard
  5. Connecting each Pulse Monitor to the main Pulse server
  6. Connect TM1 instances

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