Mar 3, 2023

Where to install Pulse

If you are using IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) on the IBM Cloud (PA SaaS), you have two options:

  1. Pulse self-hosted: Installing Pulse on one of your servers or private cloud.
  2. Pulse hosted by Cubewise: Asking Cubewise Cloud to host Pulse for you.

Centralized vs decentralized

When installing Pulse 6, you can choose between these two main options:

  • Installing Pulse on a separate server: Pulse 6 key feature is that one Pulse server can monitor many TM1 instances.
  • Installing Pulse on each TM1 server: All Pulse 6 components need to be installed on the TM1 server.

⚠️ More resources are required by Pulse 6 vs Pulse 5, please check the new system requirements before installing Pulse:

Where to install Pulse

Our recommendation is to install Pulse 6 on its own server and then install the Pulse Monitor on each TM1 server.

Having one Pulse Application Server brings the following benefits:

  • Pulse configuration is managed in one location.
  • All information about all TM1 instances is stored in the same database.
  • Migration can happen between TM1 servers without having to download from one Pulse server and then upload the package to another.
  • Upgrading will be quicker as only one Pulse server will need to be upgraded.

If you can’t have a dedicated server for Pulse 6, before installing Pulse on the TM1 server, you should check that the server has enough free memory and free disk space (Pulse 6 Server requirements).

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