Pulse System Requirements

Server Requirements

  • Windows 2008 or later
  • .NET Framework 4.6.1
  • Min 300mb of disk space
  • Max 1.1 GB of RAM
  • CPU: < 1% during normal operations.

Rich Client Requirements

  • Windows 7 or later
  • .NET 4.6.1 Framework
  • 50mb disk space

Web Browser

  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Any other modern browser: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.

Data Storage and Retention

  • Data is stored in embedded databases.
  • Pulse minimises the amount of data stored by only storing aggregate data (by default in 15 minute blocks)
  • Data growth is dependent on the number of TM1 users. Expect yearly data growth of approximately 50-100mb per 100 users per annum.
  • All data historical data is kept in the databases by default.

Source Control

  • Changes to the TM1 models are stored in Git (http://git-scm.com/) repositories.
  • All historical changes are kept within the repository.