Mar 3, 2023

Downgrading Pulse

Downgrading is not recommended

We always recommend upgrading Pulse to the latest version. Once Pulse has been upgraded, it is not recommended to downgrade to a previous version. If you have an issue after the upgrade, please create a ticket here and we will help to see if we can fix the issue without having to downgrade.

By restoring the backup folders, you are going to lose the data stored after the upgrade. You are going back to when you did the upgrade. If you did not do a backup then after downgrading, your database will be blank.

How to downgrade from Pulse v6.x to an earlier Pulse v6.

If you still want to downgrade, please follow the steps below:

  1. Uninstall your current Pulse version
  2. Replace the backup folders (If you don’t have the backup folder, just delete the folders from the pulse folder).
  3. Run the installer of the previous Pulse version

If you are planning to downgrade from Pulse v6.x to Pulse v5.x, you will have to remove the Pulse directory, install Pulse 5 and then replace the backup folders.

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