Jan 5, 2022

Pulse Documentation

Documentation is a long and costly task that is often ignored for more “interesting” tasks by developers and administrators. Pulse for TM1 automates much of this process by doing all of the tedious tasks for you. The information produced by Pulse is also up to date and can be generated quickly at any time.

  • The Technical Documentation is a comprehensive document that lists all each object in your TM1 model and describes the properties and relationships. The content within this report is updated automatically so you will always have the latest information.
  • The Relationship Diagram displays your model in a graphical way helping you to understand how data flows between objects.
  • The Validation Report is used to determine that your model is following the best practices you have defined. This includes naming conventions and how code is written within rules and TI processes.
  • The Cube List shows key information about all cubes such as number of numeric/string cells, cube logging…
  • The Dimension list shows key information about all dimensions such as in which cubes are they used, number of elements…
  • The Process List shows key information about all processes such as data source type, query, last run time…
  • The Chore List shows key information about all chores such as Active, Start Time, Last run…
  • The Cube/Dimension Matrix shows a table which dimension is in which cube and vice versa

Troubleshooting the documentation

The documentation is the backbone of Pulse, if this is not working, many features will not work. The following article explains the main reasons why the documentation would not work:

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