Sep 4, 2021

    Executing the Pulse Flow Diagram

    The flow diagram displays your model in a graphical way helping you to understand how data flows between objects. Pulse is able to automatically determine relationships in rules, feeders and Turbo Integrator processes. The flow diagrams from your models will help you to understand how the objects interact.

    You can access the flow diagram by going to Reports > Documentation > Flow Diagram > CXMD. Run the following report:

    Name the report General Ledger, tick the Save button:

    Click on Generate Report:

    In this report you can see in blue the cubes, the TM1 process in green, the source in grey, TM1 objects which have been deleted but are still in a rule or in a TM1 process appear in yellow.

    For example, we can see that the Wholesale cube has been deleted but it’s still in the General Ledger rule. Let’s go to Architect to check where the Wholesale cube is:

    The flow diagram report will help you to understand better your application. Having current documentation and the ability to view a TM1 model visually via relationship diagrams also means your team can feel confident changing the system knowing all possible impacts.

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