Jun 2, 2021

Troubleshooting Pulse documentation update

When setting up a new TM1 instance, it is important to execute the documentation. To execute the documentation, go to Administration > Update Documentation:

Pulse executes the documentation daily by default at 1:30 am. The documentation is the backbone of Pulse. If it does not work then you should try to fix as soon as possible, it means that many features are not working.

To find out when was the last time the documentation ran, you could go to the Model Spotlight for a specific instance:

This article gathers all the reasons why Pulse would not be able to update the documentation.

If the documentation did not run it could be because it has been deactivated, you will need to go to the Administration > Instance Settings, by default the documentation will run every day at 1:45 am:

If the documentation is scheduled but did not run successfully, it means that there is an error during the documentation update.

If you get an error while running the update documentation:

  • Starting with Pulse 6, Pulse uses the TM1 REST API to connect to the TM1 instances. Check that the TM1 REST API ports are enabled and accessible for Pulse.
  • The user account in the Pulse instance settings needs to be Admin on the TM1 server.
  • User Name and Password are wrong in Pulse Instance settings. They have to be the credentials of a TM1 admin user.
  • Cam namespace is wrong in Pulse instance settings (Cam namespace is case sensitive) https://code.cubewise.com/configuring-cam-security
  • When a new TM1 instance is created: restart Pulse services (Pulse will add }src TM1 processes to the TM1 instance) and then you will have to restart the TM1 instance for TM1 to pick up these new TM1 processes.
  • Pulse version prior 5.4.2 do not support the new SSL certificates, if you are using an old version of Pulse with new SSL certificates, you have to upgrade to the latest Pulse version.
  • Pulse may not be able to reach the TM1 data folder. Check user account which is running Pulse services: Pulse might be running with an account that does not have access to the TM1 data folders. It is recommended that Pulse and TM1 services run with the same account.
  • Pulse can’t find the TM1 bin folder, you need to check the TM1 Bin directory in the Pulse configurations (if the bin folder is correct maybe Pulse does not have access to it, check the account which is running Pulse services).
  • If you open the Pulse logs and find the following error, Error JarCopier Could not copy find TM1JavaApi.jar at: C:IBMCognosTM1_64bin64…binclassesTM1JavaApi.jar .
    Maybe Pulse is having an issue when copying the file TM1JavaAPI.jar so you could try to copy it manually:

    • Stop Pulse services
    • Search for TM1JavaApi.jar where TM1 is installed (it could be in ibmcognostm1_64binclasses)
    • Copy the TM1JavaApi.jar file
    • Paste it to Pulse for TM1webappsROOTWEB-INFlib
    • Start Pulse services
    • Run the documentation
  • If you get this error: Unable to add files to source control system for server

    Go to the vsc folder of the TM1 instance for example if your instance is called canvas_sample, go to *C:Program FilesPulse for TM1vcsgitinstance_name* and then delete the file index.lock in the .git folder. This is very rare but it can happen that the Git repository gets locked, to unlock it remove the index.lock file.

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