Dec 5, 2015

    Configuring CAM Security

    Pulse for TM1 requires the credentials to of a user to access TM1 to generate documentation, this user must be in the Admin group. The credentials are added for each TM1 instance under Administration –> Instance Settings, both TM1 security and CAM security is supported.

    To configure CAM access you need to provide a CAM namespace and the user name and password. You must get the CAM namespace 100% correct, the namespace is also case sensitive.

    The CAM namespace must match the Namespace ID in Cognos Configuration (see image below), the user name is the what you use to login into Perspectives (or Windows if you are using Active Directory).

    NOTE: You should use a service account that does not expire passwords instead of a regular one if you are using the Active Directory.

    The settings should look like this:


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