Oct 2, 2018

How to create a Planning Analytics Hierarchy with TurboIntegrator

IBM Planning Analytics (PA) introduced a new layer in the query engine called a Hierarchy.

If you are not familiar with the PA Hierarchies, please read this blog article first: Mastering Hierarchies in IBM TM1 and Planning Analytics

Now that you know what a Hierarchy is and why you would use them (e.g. to make your applications “future-proof”), this article provides a step-by-step guide to building a new hierarchy with a TurboIntegrator process. This article will use Cubewise’s Arc IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to accomplish this, but you will be able to employ these concepts with TI editor in Architect and Planning Analytics Workspace.

New TI functions

To manipulate Hierarchies in TI, IBM Planning Analytics has introduced a set of new TurboIntegrator FunctionsIBM has ensured these new functions are very similar to the TI functions for dimensions, and there is usually a 1-1 corresponding function. For example, you would use HierarchyExists (check if a hierarchy exists) instead of DimensionExists (check if a dimension exists).

If you are using Cubewise Arc, your learning curve for Hierarchies will be easier as all the new Hierarchy functions are available as code snippets in the Arc’s TI editor:

See it in action!

This 5 min video will show you how to build a hierarchy from scratch with a TM1 process:

For more details about how to build a new Hierarchy using a process with Arc, you should have a look at following step-by-step guide:

Try Arc now!

Arc comes with a three-months trial period and there is no installation required. Just download Arc and doublie click on arc.exe file, you will be coding in no-time:


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