Aug 3, 2021

Getting started with Slice

Slice is free, easy to install with few dependencies, connected directly to the TM1 REST API, works over the internet, has built-in support for hierarchies, supports existing reports built in Perspectives and formula mode in PA for Excel.


Some features will work with TM1 10.2.2 but a number of important APIs are only present in TM1 11+, for this reason TM1 versions 10.2.2 or earlier are not supported.

It is recommended to keep the version of Slice in sync with the version of Arc that is in use when connecting to a remote Arc server.

TM1 REST API Enabled

The TM1 REST API is required for Slice to work, it can be enabled by setting the HTTPPortNumber parameter in the tm1s.cfg file, i.e. HTTPPortNumber=8111:

Where to install Slice

Slice is an Excel Add-In and is required to be installed on each user’s personal computer. However, they can then all connect to a centralized Arc server, which is recommended:

Download Slice

Slice is available to download for free:

Installation steps

Slice is very easy to install, just follow the installer as explained in the following article:


The article below describes how to configure Slice:

Connect to TM1 instances

Slice uses Arc to connect to TM1 instances, therefore it can connect to any instances assuming the TM1 REST API is enabled for this instance and the httpPortNumber is open on the server.

To access all TM1 instances on a specific server, you will need to update the adminhost parameter in the settings.yml file:

To connect to an instance on the IBM Could, follow the instructions in this article:

If Arc can’t connect to your TM1 instances:

  1. Check first that you can access the TM1 REST API using your browser.
  2. Double-check your credentials (CAM Namespace is case sensitive).

More connection settings:


If you need assistance, please raise an issue on our support platform:

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