Dec 2, 2019

Setting up SSO with CAM and Arc

This document will guide you to configure Single Sign On with CAM Security. Before proceeding, ensure that the user is able to go to http://<host>:<port>/ibmcognos using his/her PC, without being prompt for a username and password. Note also this only works with Internet Explorer and Chrome due to security configuration.

Update Cognos Application Firewall

First add the Arc host name <ServerName>:7070 to the Cognos Application Firewall, in the example below the server name is cw13:

Add Arc URL to variables_TM1.xml

Next add the following line:

<url is-regex="true">http://<ServerName>:7070/auth/token(?.*)</url> 

(replace <ServerName>) line to variables_TM1.xml file in the Cognos BI/ Analytics file which can be found either:

  • Program Filesibmcognosanalyticstemplatespsportal

  • Program Filesibmcognosc10_64templatespsportal

The variables_TM1.xml should look like this:

Restart IBM Cognos service.

Connect to Arc using Gateway option

There is no specific configuration that needs to be done on the Arc side. Once the Cognos part is done. Open Arc, click on the TM1 instance you want to connect to, choose the Gateway option and click Login:

Once login once, the next time Arc will connect you straight away.

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