Apr 1, 2022

Getting started with Pulse v6

Pulse v6 was rebuilt using the REST API allowing a single Pulse Application Server to monitor many TM1 servers. This version includes many new features such as the Pulse Explorer (bringing a new way to easily view what is happening on all your TM1 instances second per second) and support for hierarchies.

If you are using Pulse hosted on the Cubewise Cloud, you should go to the following article:


  • Running documentation will be slower in Pulse 6 than Pulse 5. Pulse 5 had direct access to the data directory, Pulse 6 instead uses the REST API and therefore information needs to be sent over the network.
  • You cannot run Pulse 5 and Pulse 6 side-by-side.
  • A small program (The Pulse Monitor) is required to be installed on each TM1 server. This program provides Pulse with information about installed TM1 services and server metrics such as CPU, memory and disk space.


  • The minimum IBM Planning Analytics version is v2.0.8 (TM1 v11.6).
  • This is a major update of Pulse. It is recommended to back-up Pulse before doing the upgrade.
  • Pulse 6 uses the REST API, you need to make sure the TM1 REST API ports for all TM1 instances are open and available to Pulse.
  • To use the migration features between two Pulse servers, the Pulse version needs to be the same in the two environments.


Before installing Pulse 6 you should understand the architecture that is explained in this article:

Pulse installation main steps

Installing Pulse will differ depending on your environment. It can be summarized in the six main steps below:

  1. Check where the TM1 instances are hosted
  2. Install the Pulse Application Server.
  3. Install the Pulse Monitor on each TM1 server.
  4. Connecting Pulse to PAW or the Pulse Monitor.
  5. Define instance settings.
  6. Execute the documentation for each instance.

If you are installing Pulse on Linux, you should check the following article:

IBM Cloud SaaS

If your TM1 instances are hosted on the IBM Cloud SaaS, you should jump to the following article:

Upgrading from Pulse v5

Everything that you should know when upgrading from Pulse v5 to v6 has been gathered in the following article:

Where to install Pulse?

TM1 instances need to be running Planning Analytics v2.0.8 (TM1 v11.6) or later.

When installing Pulse 6, you can choose between these two main options:

  • Installing Pulse on a separate server: Pulse 6 key feature is that one Pulse server can monitor many TM1 instances. You get more benefits of using a centralised Pulse server:

    • Monitor all TM1 instances with one web client
    • You just need to configure one Pulse
    • Migration is more straightforward (no need to download and re-upload the package on the target server).
  • Installing Pulse on each TM1 server: All Pulse 6 components need to be installed on the TM1 server.

⚠️ More resources are required by Pulse 6 vs Pulse 5, please check the new system requirements before installing Pulse:

Downloading Pulse

The latest version of Pulse is available to download on the Cubewise Forum (customers only):

Installing Pulse on each TM1 server

Installing Pulse v6 on a TM1 server is straight forward:

  1. Installing Pulse
  2. Adding the license file
  3. Go through the setup wizard
  4. Connect TM1 instances

Then you will need to repeat these steps on each TM1 server.

Installing Pulse on a separate server

A centralized Pulse Application Server can be installed on a separate server and then on each TM1 server you will have to install the Pulse Monitor:

  1. Installing the Pulse server
  2. Adding the license file to the Pulse server
  3. Installing the Pulse Monitor on each TM1 server
  4. Go through the setup wizard
  5. Connecting each Pulse Monitor to the main Pulse server
  6. Connect TM1 instances

More articles about configuring Pulse 6:

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