Dec 3, 2020

Connecting a TM1 instance

To connect to a TM1 instance with Pulse 6 or later, Pulse uses the TM1 REST API, you need to make sure first that the TM1 REST API is enabled for each instance and accessible from the Pulse server, more information here:

Pulse has built-in security to ensure that only the appropriate people have access to view sensitive information and to update the Pulse database. The default Pulse requires TM1 credentials so it can log into each TM1 instance to extract information.

Go to instance settings

The TM1 instance settings are available under Administration:

Enter credentials

For more information about how to enter the credentials, click one of the links below depending on your security mode:

Update documentation

Once the credentials are entered, the next step is to run the update documentation. Running the documentation is the backbone of Pulse. It needs to run as soon as Pulse is installed to initialize few features.

To run the documentation, go to Administration > Update documentation, then tick the instances and click the Document Selected System:

⚠️The documentation is Pulse backbone, please make sure it run successfully for each TM1 instance before trying Pulse features.

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