Sep 2, 2021

    Connecting Pulse to a TM1 instance with native TM1 security (mode 1)

    This article explains how to connect Pulse to an IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) instance using security mode 1 (Native TM1 security).


    • The server where the TM1 instances are located needs to be added in Pulse (connecting a Pulse Monitor).
    • You need a user in TM1 who has ⚠️ Admin access on the TM1 instance.

    The TM1 instance settings are available under Administration > Instance Settings.

    Choose a TM1 instance and then in the Documentation section, select the security type Native TM1 and enter the TM1 admin credentials:

    Finally click the Save button.

    If the credentials are correct, a green check icon appears.

    The next step is to go to Administration > Update Documentation and execute the documentation for this new instance.

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