Sep 1, 2021

Connecting Pulse to a TM1 instance with CAM security (mode 4 and 5)

This article explains how to connect Pulse to an IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) instance using security mode 4 and 5 (CAM security).


  • The server where the TM1 instances are located needs to be added in Pulse (connecting a Pulse Monitor).
  • You need a user in TM1 who has ⚠️ Admin access on the TM1 instance.

The TM1 instance settings are available under Administration > Instance Settings. On this screen you should provide the details for each TM1 instance, Pulse can only check the credentials if the TM1 instance is up and running.

With connecting Pulse to a TM1 instance with CAM security, you can either choose to connect with CAM user credentials or using the CAM gateway.

Using the gateway is probably the only option with MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication).

CAM User

Enter the following details:

  • CAM Namespace: You must get the CAM namespace 100% correct, the namespace is also case sensitive.
  • User Name: The user name to login into TM1.
  • Password: The password to login into TM1.

NOTE: The user needs to be part of the TM1 Admin group and if you are using an Active Directory account you should use a service account without an expiring password.

The CAM Namespace is case sensitive, you can see the Namespace ID in IBM Cognos Configuration as below:

CAM Gateway

Enter the CAM Gateway URL, and click on the Login button. It will open up a new page and help you grab the CAM Passport. This is an example outcome using the CAM Gateway, after clicking the Login button:

Finally click the Save button.

If the credentials are correct, a green check icon appears.

The next step is to go to Administration > Update Documentation and execute the documentation for this new instance.

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