The ultimate developer tool for IBM TM1 and Planning Analytics

Built by TM1 developers for TM1 developers.

Bringing hundreds of collective years of expertise into a TM1/Planning Analytics development tool.

Available in English, Spanish, German and French.

What is Arc?

Arc is an integrated development environment (IDE) for TM1 and Planning Analytics. It provides a centralized platform for all your TM1 development, access all of your on-premise and cloud environments from one location. Built from the ground up to take advantage of the new features in Planning Analytics (TM1 11+), it includes:

  • Syntax highlighting

  • Dynamic auto-complete (intellisense) for rules and TI

  • Debugging of Turbo Integrator processes

  • Quick access to all of your favorite TM1 objects

  • User-defined snippets

  • User-defined plugins and pages

  • Single file, 1 minute install.

  • Web interface, access it from anywhere

  • Dimension / Hierarchy editor

  • Cube and rule editor

  • Turbo Integrator editor

  • Chore editor

  • Cube Viewer

No credit card or contact details required

Accelerates your TM1 development process

Arc delivers modern IDE features such as:

  • Code completion

  • Snippets

  • Syntactical formatting

  • Plugins

Hierarchy aware

Arc is built with hierarchies in mind, build the next generation of TM1 / Planning Analytics applications taking full advantage of the power of hierarchies. 



Debug like a Pro.

Debugging your TM1 process has never been so easy with Arc. Step through your Turbo Integrator code line by line as it executes on the TM1 server.

See the current value of each variable and create breakpoints to stop TI execution where you have an issue.

Quicker access to your TM1 objects

Arc provides a number of ways to easily access the TM1 objects you use the most:

  • Tab based interface

  • Quick search to find your TM1 objects

  • Last used list to access objects you have used most recently

  • Caching of settings and credentials in the browser to use between sessions

Administration tools

Arc comes with a set of common administration tools to allow you to access the message log, process error logs and active user sessions.