Effortlessly integrate IBM Planning Analytics with Microsoft Power BI.

PowerConnect provides unprecedented connectivity and access to IBM Planning Analytics content within Microsoft Power BI Desktop and Microsoft Power BI Service.

Data Synchronization

PowerConnect gives you the confidence to access and consume IBM Planning Analytics On-premises and Cloud data with ad-hoc and scheduled data refreshes in your Microsoft Power BI reports.

Meta-data Synchronization

PowerConnect integrates IBM Planning Analytics meta-data within Microsoft Power BI, eliminating the need to worry whether your Microsoft Power BI reports have the latest IBM Planning Analytics hierarchy and dimensional changes.

Security Synchronization

PowerConnect ensures your data is always secure and within your established security protocols while integrating with your existing IBM Planning Analytics security model. Get the right data to the right people.

Available On-premises, Cloud, or Hybrid Cloud

PowerConnect supports On-premises, Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud multi-instance configurations ensuring compatibility with all IBM Planning Analytics deployment options, including those on IBM Planning Analytics on Cloud.

Plus, PowerConnect supports Microsoft Power BI Desktop, Microsoft Power BI Service, and any mobile device installed with the Microsoft Power BI app. Giving you access to IBM Planning Analytics data anytime, anywhere.

Works with small and large data sets

Experience the scale performance of the Cubewise-developed REST API-enabled Microsoft Power BI connector and share your IBM Planning Analytics data with more users with the PowerConnect Service (HTTP REST API) and PowerConnect Custom Connector.