No-code Integration

Import IBM Planning Analytics data into Microsoft Power BI with a click of a button and eliminate those manual extracts. No scripting is required.

Familiar User Interface

Access IBM Planning Analytics data in Microsoft Power BI Desktop with the PowerConnect connector.

Easily navigate to the content you wish to include in your Microsoft Power BI reports and dashboard.

Load and transform the data into Microsoft Power BI. Connect with other data sources to create a rich reporting experience for your users.

Hierarchical Visualization

Use hierarchical information in your data source to present intuitive navigation and filtering options.

You can include as many hierarchy levels as your IBM Planning Analytics data model contains.

Attribute Support

Loading attributes from IBM Planning Analytics allows for additional capabilities in your Microsoft Power BI reports and dashboards:

  • Display descriptive text instead of element IDs
  • Additional navigation and filtering

MDX Support

You have the ability to copy, paste and adjust an MDX statement and access IBM Planning Analytics data without relying on publicly registered Views.