A suite of proven, ready to use, flexible functions for IBM Planning Analytics.

Currently limited to North America.

The power of the Atmosphere Calculation Engine!

Imagine harnessing calculations like XIRR and XNPV effortlessly, all within the familiar confines of your Planning Analytics environment.

Synchronise your TM1 Instances with Atmosphere!

Experience the future of TM1 cube synchronization with Cube to Cube Cloud sync in Atmosphere. Now, effortlessly synchronize TM1 cubes across various instances through Atmosphere, eliminating the complexity of data transfers.

Burst TM1 Web Reports

Experience the ease of bursting TM1Web reports into XLSX or PDF files effortlessly, courtesy of Atmosphere. Sharing static TM1 Reports with non-TM1 users becomes a breeze.

Connect Planning Analytics with SharePoint

Streamline the creation or modification of Planning Analytics TM1 dimensions using a template file stored and audited in SharePoint.

Connect IBM Planning Analytics with Snowflake

Effortlessly exchange data between IBM Planning Analytics cubes and Snowflake tables.