Sep 3, 2018

Trialling and Buying Arc

IMPORTANT: To trial, buy or update licenses the browser hosting the Arc user interface needs to be able to access the internet. If you are accessing Arc on a server it is possible that you will not be able to connect to the internet, if you have issues connecting try using your desktop computer instead.

1. Download Arc

The latest version of Arc will always be available on the Arc download page:

2. Start Arc

Once downloaded, unzip the folder and copy arc.exe file into the folder where you want to install Arc. In this example we copy Arc to C:Arc folder:

To start Arc, just double click on the arc.exe.

Arc can be installed as a Windows service by following the steps described in this article:

3. Start Trial

Once started you can access Arc using the URL http://localhost:7070 if you are on the server or http://ServerName:7070 to access it from your desktop (replace ServerName with the name of your server).

If you try to access one of the developers’ features such as a rule, you will get this pop-up:

To activate a trial license or purchase a new subscription, click on the License Management button in the top right corner:

You will need to choose if you are an organization or an individual and you will then have to agree to the terms and conditions by clicking Agree and Start Trial:

The trial license should be active now.

Information about the license can be found in the License Information tab:

If you are still getting the blue pop-up when trying to access a developer features, it means that your trial license expired. In this case you need to purchase or activate a subscription.

4. Buy Now button

Once the trial period has expired to continue using Arc you will have to purchase a subscription by clicking to the License Management button:

Step 1: Choose between Organization and Individual

The first step in the purchase process is to select if you are an organization or an individual/contractor/consultant:

Step 2: Choose the subscription type

If you selected an organization, you will be able to choose between a monthly or yearly fee. Only the Monthly option is available to an individual:

Step 3: Agree to the license agreement

The third step is to agree to the license terms by clicking Agree to Terms:

Step 4 of 5: Customer Details

The fourth step is to enter your email. This is the email which will receive al information about the subscription.

If you have selected an organization, you will be able to choose how many users you want to purchase. You need to buy a user for each TM1 developer/administrator that will be accessing Arc. You can change the number of users after you purchase Arc.

Step 5 of 5: Payment Method

In the last step, you can either enter the credit card detail to the card which will be charged every month or year depending on your subscription or choose the offline payment option. When using a credit card you will be sent a notification 3 days before the subscription is renew so you can cancel if required.

NOTE: Credit card is the preferred payment method, it will allow you to use Arc immediately.

If you choose the Offline Payment option, an invoice with payment details will be sent to the email entered in the contact details.

NOTE: Your subscription starts immediately, licenses will ONLY be able to be generated when we can verify payment has been made.

After clicking on the Start Yearly button, you will then receive an email with information about your Customer ID:

Request License from Existing Account

To generate an Arc license, go to the following article:

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