Sep 3, 2021

TM1py v1.8 is now available

A new version of TM1py is now available including many new features. Most of these features are coming from the TM1py community. Please join the TM1py community on GitHub to discuss the future of TM1py and to keep up-to-date with the latest developments.

Easily retrieve data and element attributes together

With TM1py v1.8, it is now possible to query data and attribute data with a single query into one data frame. To do that, you need to set to true the new parameter include_attribute when using the execute_mdx_dataframe function as below:

In this example, a column with the attribute Currency will be added to the dataframe:

Load data faster with parallelization

Writing data into a cube with TM1py has become even faster by using parallelization. To do that you can use the write_async and write_async_dataframe functions with max_workers argument.

This is essentially an easy way to speed up TM1 writeback through parallelization.

TM1 git support

TM1py now allows you to manage the TM1 git repository. You can manage the TM1 database with git and TM1py.

Support for CAM Passport

New authentication mode based on the CAM passport. Can be used from Jupyter within Cognos Analytics. The advantage of using the CAM Passport is that you don’t have to store the user and password.

and much more…

A complete list of all enhancements and fixes can be found in the TM1py 1.8 Release Notes available on GitHub.


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