Aug 4, 2020

TM1py v1.5 is now available

TM1py v1.5 is the most important release since the creation of TM1py. This release got the contribution from many people in the TM1 community such as  @rkvinoth@scrambldchannel@rclapp@ykud and @zPat to name a few.

TM1py v1.5 includes many new features and fixes, here some highlights:

PowerBI and TM1

TM1py v1.5 enables you to build beautiful PowerBI dashboards with Live TM1 data:

Clear data from a cube

New clear method to efficiently zero out a slice of a cube, without need to write an MDX query or create a cube view.

Facilitate coding with TypeHints

Python Type Hints are now available on all functions and arguments. This enables autocompletion on all TM1py objects and makes working with TM1py way more friendly.

Disconnect all threads, sessions and users

New functions to clear a TM1 instance from all user traffic:

  • cancel_all_threads
  • close_all_sessions
  • disconnect_all_users

and much more…

A complete list of all enhancements and fixes can be found in the TM1py 1.5 Release Notes available on GitHub.


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