Jul 3, 2021

    Reasons why you can’t see a TM1 instance in Pulse

    Please find below the different reasons why you would not be able to see a IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) instance in Pulse:

    1 Check TM1 Bin directory (only in Pulse v5.x): If you go to the live monitor of 1 instance and if you see the CONFIG message in the breadcrumb, this means that the bin64 folder is not correctly set (maybe pointed to an old one, or to the 32 bit one)

    2 Check User profile settings: If you do not see the list of instances, also check that the list of instances are selected to be shown in the user profile:

    3 Check SSL certificates: If you see the instance as loading it means that Pulse is not able to connect to the instance, note that pulse does not require the user credentials in order to check the state of an instance, this is done through the tm1top API, the most common problem is that the admin server could be working with a SSL certificate version and Pulse is configured to work with another, If pulse cannot find the path for Cognos Config it will always use the version 1 certificate. You can specify manually the SSL version in the Pulse.cfg

    4 Check user account which is running Pulse services: Pulse might be running with an account that does not have access to the TM1 Bin folders, this is the more rare, but there are times that the security configurations in windows, will only allow the user that is executing the tm1 services access to the tm1 bin64 folder, in this case pulse should be being executed with the same user as the TM1 services.

    5 Check AutoStartServicesOnly parameter in Pulse.cfg: If set to true, this parameter enables you to ask Pulse to show only TM1 instances with Automatic startup time. All TM1 instances with a Manual start up type will be skipped by Pulse.
    This parameter is useful if you have lots of old or dev instances set up to manual startup and you don’t want to see them in Pulse.
    AutoStartServicesOnly = false -> Show all TM1 instances
    AutoStartServicesOnly = true -> Show only TM1 instances with Automatic startup type

    6 Check the Active flag

    In Pulse you can deactivate a TM1 instance, it means that Pulse will not monitor this instance and this instance will not show in the Update documentation screen:

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