Apr 3, 2021

    Choose which instance should be monitored by Pulse

    Pulse v6.0.1 introduces a new Active flag per TM1 instance. By default all TM1 instances will be set to Active. Pulse monitors all TM1 instances with Active flag set to true.

    In the example below, the TM1 instances 24retail and sdata will not be monitored by Pulse.

    Only the instances with Active flag set to true will be shown in the update documentation screen:

    It is recommended to remove this flag for all TM1 instances that don’t need to be monitored by Pulse such as instances used for training only.

    To update the Active flag for a TM1 instance:

    1. Go to the instance settings under Administration

    2. Choose the instance

    3. Untick the Active flag

    4. Click the Save button

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