Sep 2, 2018

Randomise your data in an instant

Why would you need to obfuscate/scramble your data?

The most common reason why you would need to obfuscate/scramble your data is if you need to send your data to third parties. One way to do it, is to randomize the values. The metadata (cubes, dimensions and elements names) will still be intact but the data will be randomised.
You could do it manually by doing a proportional spread but it could be time consuming if you are working on large cubes. A new way to randomise your data is now available with Arc and the randomisator plugin.

How does it work?

In just three quick steps, you will be able to randomise data for any cubes:

  1. Select the cubes you want to randomise.
  2. Select the target folder where the new .cub files will be created.
  3. Click Randomise button.

The plugin will create new .cub files in the target folder with random data. Therefore, there is no risk to mess-up your actual data as this plugin will create new .cub files.

See it in action!

Where to find it?

The randomisator plugin is not part of the default plugins when you install Arc. However it is part of the samples plugins which you can find on the cubewise-code/arc-plugins-samples github page.

How to set-it up?

To add one of these plugin to your Arc installation, you just need to download the folder from GitHub:

Paste it in your Arc/plugins installation folder:

Then refresh your browser and clear the cache. You should now be able to see it under Tools:


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