Nov 5, 2017

Pulse v5.6 Released

The best TM1 management system just got better thanks to the great feedback we have received from our 150+ customers worldwide.

MS SQL Server can optionally be used

To achieve better performance on large Pulse installations and concurrent active Pulse users, we now support MS SQL Server. Importantly this centralized database architecture is a needed and big step in the cloud enablement of Pulse. 

Pause and rewind up to 10 min of your TM1 history

With Pulse v5.6, you can now navigate through 10 min of your TM1 history. For example, you receive a Pulse alert that someone is waiting, you can then go back to the beginning of the event to find out what is causing the lock.

Canvas logging

With Pulse v5.6, you are now able to see which Canvas pages have been opened and who opened them.

Pulse self-usage tracking

Pulse is monitoring itself, you will be able to know who logs in and which features are used:

Migration Packages can be refreshed/recreated.

Migration Packages can be refreshed with the latest version of their contained TM1 objects. When you click the recreate button, Pulse is going to create a new migration package based on the same list of TM1 objects but it is going to take the current version from the TM1 data folder.

A new lighter Excel logger

Pulse v5.6 introduces a new Excel Add-ins to track Excel. This new logger is written in .NET. This new silent add-in, which logs Excel usage to Pulse and has no user interface.


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