Build beautiful IBM TM1 and Planning Analytics applications with the power and freedom of modern web technologies.

What TM1 has lacked until now is the ability to easily build user interfaces using modern responsive web design. Canvas for TM1 is the start of a new era of TM1; a combination of TM1 server power + modern user experience.

What is Canvas ?

Canvas is a web development framework built upon the TM1 REST API and delivers a modern READ/WRITE presentation layer to your TM1 applications. This new presentation layer for TM1, has been built by TM1 developers for TM1 developers and enables you to build upon your existing TM1 knowledge, a web based TM1 planning and reporting application that goes well beyond the limitations of TM1 Web.

To achieve this outcome, Canvas uses a combination of client side components and an application server that simplifies requests to the TM1 server. As mentioned, Canvas is built by TM1 developers for TM1 developers…. staying true to this guiding principal you will see many components / controls within Canvas that are based on existing TM1 functionality, such as: DBR, DBRW, DBRA, SUBNM and Active Forms.

What do you need to know before using Canvas ?

All Canvas applications are authored in HTML. Canvas comes with a complete set of HTML planning and reporting samples which will help you to quickly build out your new TM1 web applications.

The expectation is that if you know how to write a rule or a Turbo Integrator process, you will quickly learn how to use HTML with TM1. Learning HTML will provide you with a skill that will always be in fashion.

What’s new: Canvas

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