Dec 5, 2015

    Pulse Authentication Using CAM / Active Directory

    The following Document will guide the Pulse Administrator to configure Pulse to work with CAM security. The reader of this document should be familiar with the IBM Cognos TM1,  IBM Cognos BI terminology and should understand the technical implications and settings to achieve CAM security enabled in her/his environment.


    • Cognos BI 10.1 or greater already configured and working with the appropriate authentication provider
    • Pulse 5.0.22 Installed and configured 


    1. Login to Pulse as an user with Administrator’s rights

    2. Go to  Administration –> Configuration      

    3. Set the Cognos Dispatcher in the under the settings section 

     4. Click on the Save button, and wait for the Saved Confirmation Message from Pulse

    What to do Next? You can now jump into How to Configure Users to Login with their CAM Credentials

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